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RECURVE Health Center got its name from the highly revered recurve bow.  A proper recurve bow is made by applying pressure to very specific places on the wood producing strong curves on either end.  The resulting structure and alignment allow the arrow to fly with unmatched energy and speed.  

Our human frame is similar.  The body should rest in an ideal position, but stress can compromise our structure leading to limited motion, chronic pain, weight gain, sleep loss, and even organ dysfunction.

Utilizing unique chiropractic, nutritional, and exercise methods, we can reshape your body both inside and out. Our mission at RECURVE is to introduce our community to new and exciting ways to heal and thrive.  We aim to change how you think about your body's needs, providing achievable healthy outcomes. 


RECURVE your thinking.

 Meet the 


Dr. Annalea Wood believes that a piece is missing in current American health care -- the care for the human frame. Along with exercising to stay strong and eating right to feel good, our posture plays a vital role in our health. In this time of staring down at cell phones and sitting at desks, we give little attention to the structural havoc we wreak on our bodies.  Dr. Wood specializes in the rehabilitation of the body's structural integrity utilizing chiropractic care, dietary changes, and exercise to address pain and increase quality of life. 

After receiving her Bachelor of Science in human biology, she obtained her doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West in California's Bay Area.  She specialized in the elite post-graduate work: Chiropractic Biophysics®, an evidence-based spinal rehabilitative technique. Before relocating to Oxford, Dr. Wood was the primary treating doctor at Symmetry Health Center, one of the leading specialized CBP® care facilities in California.


Dr. Wood is beyond excited to bring this unique triad of care to her husband's beautiful home-state of Mississippi.  Outside of the office they have recently been blessed with twin boys who have been keeping them quite busy!

RECURVE Chiropractic


Over time, joints may become fixed, thus creating pain and dysfunction in the body. Chiropractic adjustments mobilize and manipulate those joints, relaxing the attached muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Additionally, adjustments can reduce interference that may be taking place at the nerve root, allowing for better organ function. Dr. Wood uses a unique combination of deep muscle work and manual mobilization to administer adjustments, making them effective and enjoyable. There is a wide spectrum of ways to adjust the body, so modifications are easily made for patient preference and comfort. 


This specialized service combines the traditional chiropractic care discussed above with an advanced rehabilitative service aimed at addressing the cause of your pain. After an exam and analysis of your spinal x-rays, we will develop a plan for correcting the structural damage and postural decline your body may have suffered. Corrective care takes the commitment that all true change does. RECURVE is currently the only health facility in the Oxford area offering this advanced chiropractic program. You owe it to yourself to find out if you are a candidate for Corrective Care. 


At RECURVE we believe to SEE is to KNOW.  We never risk "guessing" when it comes to our patient's health.  Upon completion of your initial exam, a set of digital x-rays may be recommended.  These x-rays ensure development of a completely individualized care plan for your body's unique needs.  Dr. Wood will provide a detailed explanation and report, along with the suggested treatment plan.

RECURVE Can Help With:

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Neck Pain

Chronic Leg Pain

Joint Pain


Frozen Shoulder







Postural Deformities


Disc Herniation


Numbness / Tingling

Plantar Fasciitis

Prenatal Discomfort

Painful Menstruation


Ear Aches

Acid Reflux / GERD

High Blood Pressure


RECURVE Health Center also offers personalized fitness training, catered to meet you wherever you are on your physical journey.  RECURVE provides a safe, low-pressure environment for you to enhance your fitness level.  Dr. Wood works directly with specialized trainers to personalize your experience, ensuring injury prevention and maximized benefits.  Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and methods, we have a training regimen that will work for you. 


Come as you are and we will meet you there.

Our Health and Nutrition Department is independently run by board certified drugless practitioner, Sherie Holland.  Please visit recontrolhealth.com for more information!


1007 N Lamar Blvd. Suite #2

Oxford, MS 38655



Ph: 662.638.3184


Monday: 8am - 3pm

Tuesday: 8am - 3pm 

Wednesday: 8am - 3pm

Thursday: 8am - 3pm

Friday: 8am-12pm


Nutrition appointments per request only.  Please call 662.638.3184 or email sholland@recontrolhealth.com for availability.  

**All services are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  However, if you need a special appointment time not available in our listed hours...please REQUEST and we will do our best to accommodate you!

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