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Young Family

YOUR FIRST VISIT: A typical new patient appointment will last approximately an hour. Upon arrival, you will fill out paperwork and will have an exam with Dr. Wood to discuss the history of your symptoms along with any other pertinent information to your condition. After the exam, Dr. Wood will take a set of digital spinal x-rays which will consist of 6 total images of the spine. You are welcome to get adjusted after the x-rays, if you choose. Occasionally, in more complex cases, Dr. Wood will prefer more time to examine the x-rays prior to treating you.  In these cases she may recommend waiting to get adjusted until your next visit.  


At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Wood will go over the x-rays with you in great detail, discussing both the health of the bone and the joint, the structure of the spine and how it may relate to your symptoms. At this time she will recommend the treatment plan that will be most beneficial to you.


COST: The cost of the exam, x-rays, and follow-up appointment is $250. If you choose to get adjusted on the day of your new patient appointment, there is an additional $45 fee. These fees are due at the time of service. ​


INSURANCE:  We are not in-network with any insurance carriers, however, if you have out-of-network chiropractic coverage under your plan (which many plans do) we can provide you with a super-bill that you may submit directly to insurance for re-imbursement. ​


CANCELLATION POLICY: We request that you give us a 24 hour notice prior to cancellation for any appointment. We will request that you provide us with a credit card number upon booking your new patient appointment. A $75 fee will be charged for new patient appointments that are not cancelled within the 24 hour window.  


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